Terms of Use

Users should be of legal age and must agree to the terms and conditions to use the products and services of RewardedEssays.com.

I. Definition of Our Terms

A. This Terms and Conditions serve as the agreement.

B. The terms “Company,” “We,” “Our,” and “Us” refer to RewardedEssays.com, its owners, and anyone affiliated with this website

C. The terms “Customer,” “User,” “You,” and “Your” refer to the person or people who submit orders or request for the company’s services. This automatically means they understand and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

D. The messaging system establishes a secure and uninterrupted connection between our Support Team Agent or Writer and the Customer.

E. Order refers to the actual purchase of the product or request for services sent to our Company by the Customer. The request or order includes specific requirements, detailed information regarding the sources, and other stipulations to be used in writing.

F. Order Status indicates the development of the Order.

G. The Product is the final outcome of the Order. It is written and delivered to the Customer as a digital document with an original content and in line with the Customer’s requirements and inquiry.

H. Product Revision is the editing of the final version of the purchased product, following the preliminary requirements requested by the Customer

I. Quality Assurance Department refers to the Company’s department that is in charge for the final assessment, evaluation, and quality protection of our Products and Services.

J. Support Team refers to the Company’s department that is in charge for assisting in the Order procedure.

K. Verification Process is a procedure that requires a set of action on the part of the Customer. It is also a confirmation of the identity of the Customer in regards to billing details for authorization of the transaction, as well as to avoid fraud.

L. The Writer is a freelancer, employed by the Company to provide the services requested by the Customer such as research, writing, editing, and proofreading the Order in line with the Company Agreement.

M. The Application refers to the downloadable mobile application particularly designed to handle Customer inquiries and other needs.

N. The term “Personal Balance” refers to the Customer’s personal account with the Company that keeps the Customer’s credits added to his/her personal account at own discretion and free will to compensate the fees of the order(s).

O. The term “Affiliate Program” refers to special offers that include rewards, discounts, and credits to the Personal Balance of all existing Customer of the Company. The aim of the special program is to thank loyal Customers for trusting the Company. Rewards are set by the Company and can be modified at anytime at its own discretion.

II. Registration and Placement of Orders

A. The Order is placed by finalizing the Order form provided by the Company during the application. Products will not be provided by other means that is not requested or indicated in the placement of Order.

B. The Order form will identify the extent of work, Order structure, and terms of delivery. The Customer is accountable for providing detailed information, specific requirements, and other requests to in the Order form.

C. The Customer must register by providing the Company his/her personal details such as name, email address, contact number, and country of origin aside in addition to the Order form. Should there be any change over time, it is the responsibility of the Customer to give the Company an update.

D. The Company will create the Customer’s profile based on the information provided during registration. Creating another profile and changing the personal information given in the Order form is not allowed. The Customer will use his/her profile to communicate and transact business with the Company. If the Company discovers that the Customer has multiple accounts, the first one used during the first purchase of Product shall be the only one considered and all other will be closed and deleted.

III. Payments and Discounts on Orders

A. The Order will only be processed after the payment has been done and authorized.

B. The price and payment of the Product is made by the Company based on the scope of work specified in the Order form. The Company will not be held liable for the delivery of the Product until the payment has been authorized and done in full.

C. The Company provides several payment methods that the Customer can choose from. There will be an option for reimbursement in certain cases and credits will be placed in the Customer’s Personal Balance. Please refer to our Money Back Guarantee for more information.

IV. Order Procedure

All Orders will undergo a process after the payment has been made. The Company reserves the right to evaluate all details regarding the Order to match the requirements of the Customer. The process includes:

A. Validation of the Order: The Company will validate all details regarding the Order

B. Volume of the Order: The final product shall match the required volume of the Order.

C. Changes in the details of the Order: Should there be any changes that need to be done, the Customer must communicate with the Company Support.

D. Resources: The resources to be used in writing must be specified by the Customer.

E. Communication with the Company Support: The Customer is encouraged to communicate with the writer or Company Support.

F. Tracking of Progress: The Customer can track the development of the Order.

G. Option to choose a writer: The Customer has the option to choose a writer he/she prefers.

V. Delivery of Order

A. The Company agrees to be held accountable for the delivery of the Product on the specified deadline provided that all the details of the Customer are correct.

B. It is the responsibility of the Customer to download the Product after the Company has delivered it.

VI. Revisions

A. The Company provides revisions to Customers to ensure the quality of the Product and to meet the Customer’s requirements.

B. The Company reserves the right to decline revisions or ask for additional payments if the request seemed unreasonable.

VII. Refund Policy

Please read our Money Back Guarantee Policy for details regarding refunds.

VIII. Product Use

A. The Customer must use the Products for personal use only. It will not be reproduced or distributed in any form without the Company’s approval.

B. All writers agree to hand the Company full authority and ownership to the Products, which retain the Company’s full copyright.

C. The copyrights and all intellectual property remain with the Company.

IX. Responsibility of the Company

A. The Company does not tolerate plagiarism, fraud, and academic dishonesty. We will ensure that all products are original and not plagiarized. However, we will not be held accountable for the illegal use of the Product.

B. The Company strictly abides by the Copyrights law.

C. The Company will verify the billing information of the Customer to prevent fraud and other cyber crime.

X. Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy for detailed information about the security and protection of all information provided by the Customer.

XI. Limitation of Liability

By accepting all mentioned Terms and Condition, the Customer agrees to not hold the Company accountable for all losses or damages of any kind that may arise from or related to the Products and services.

XII. Amendments

Customers are strongly advised to read and understand determined by our Terms and Conditions. Customers agree and understand the Company has the right to change these terms at anytime.

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