Questions that may appear before placing the order

What varieties of writing does this website offer?

RewardedEssays.com offer all types of writing services for professionals, students, and businesses.

Students can enjoy the website’s writing services fit for their needs from essays, projects, presentations, papers, book reviews, and movie reviews. The website also offers case studies, analysis, laboratory reports, and other related assistance. The website also ensures quality writing services with the help of our excellent writers and researchers. The type of services RewardedEssays.com also include capstone project for graduate students.

Professionals can enjoy the website’s services fit for their needs through our dedicated team of resume, curriculum vitae, and cover letter writers. The team design and craft each service to ensure quality product that is modified to the position, company, or organization you are applying for. Rest assured that RewardedEssays.com is the website destination where job hunters acquire tailored-fit documents.

Businesses can also enjoy the variety of services our website provides from professional reports, planning, proposals, press relations related documents, marketing plans, and other related documents. RewardedEssays hired a pool of excellent business writers who are ready to take the task assigned to them. Furthermore, the website also offers service for e-commerce with website designs and development services as well as social media profiles, and other marketing needs from campaigns and programs.

Does this website offer services for all academic levels?

The answer is yes. The website hired writers with a variety of degree levels, to ensure our services are not limited to one academic level. This means high school students can enjoy our writing services from a writer with a Bachelor’s degree. In line with this, undergraduate students will be assigned with a Master’s degree, and graduate students will be assigned with writers and researchers who hold a Ph.D.

How long is the waiting time to finish a paper?

The website requires our customers to set a deadline. Our expert writers and researchers are trained to be knowledgeable about the subjects assigned to them and have wide resources to finish them on time. 

How about my privacy?

As per usual, customers will need to provide personal information such as your complete name, contact number, and e-mail address, when placing their orders, so the website can work hand-in-hand with you, and rest assured the details you provide are encrypted.

The personal information you provide are secured by firewalls, and by reading our Privacy Policy, your names will be kept private. However, in any case of fraud, such privacy protection will be cancelled because the company serves the right to take action with legal authorities.

What’s the price range of your services?

The website has an available pricing structure you can view:

For students, our price range depends on the kind of writing service you need, your academic level, the number of words needed, the research load, and the timeliness of your deadline.

For professional and businesses, our price range does not depend on the type of service you need, it will rather be calculated depending on the ordering process. Because of this, the final price is definite. Furthermore, you will not encounter any hidden nor extra charges during the course of the production. However, such changes in the price will apply whenever the customer wants changes during the process. Because of this, customers will receive the actual price even before submitting and placing an order. 

Questions that may appear after placing the order

What are your actions and response if we do not like we received?

The website has a vivid revision policy regarding this problem. If the customer is not satisfied with the output, he or she should contact customer support as well informing the writer about your concerns. In most cases, revisions have no extra charges, only if there are no changes from the originally placed order. For example, if you want to include additional details in a specific writing service, the company would not charge you. However, if in any instance, you want more resources to add from the original product, there will be necessary additional charges. Furthermore, rest assured the website are rapid in terms of doing revisions based on your needs, to ensure you comply with your deadline.

What’s your website’s opinion about plagiarism?

RewardedEssay.com does not practice nor accept plagiarism. The writers and researchers hired by the website are aware about the company’s stand against this issue. We require our writers to start their tasks from scratch to ensure originality as well as making sure the customer’s needs will be the priority. Lastly, the website uses a special software to track plagiarized content. 

How will I ensure my security if I pay using my credit card?

The website uses a non-affiliated organization called a payment processor, which is widely used in e-commerce. It holds the proper SSL certifications needed for complete security. Furthermore, the information you provide in secured and encrypted by these processors. 

How do you ensure the credibility of your staff?

Even before employment, the website holds strenuous screening and employment process to ensure the quality of our employees work. Part of this is reviewing the transcripts, resumes, and degrees of all RewardedEssays.com applicants. We also require them to pass a series of related examinations such as writing an original piece to determine whether they fit the company’s professional qualifications. 

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