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Starts from: £18.90 ensures we provide quality and excellent different types of writing services for students, professionals, and business such as resume/cv writing . Apart from this, we want to inform our customers about other lists of services we offer that you might need. Many of these other services are tailored for school related work.

Proofreading and Editing

After making your document for grades, the website wants to make sure you present the best paper possible that is free of grammatical and spelling errors. This type of rewriting service includes ensuring your tone, voice, and style of writing is in top form. Whenever you have problems or concerns regarding the last step of your paper writing, is here to fill in the gaps. We are here to help you finalize, edit, and proofread your paper with our hired editors and proofreaders. They are hired because they have excellent and commendable English skills, which mean they are capable of reviewing and correcting if you have any errors in your paper or document.

These editors and proofreaders with study the structure, flow, logic, transition, vocabulary, and style of your writing and sentence construction. Rest assured, the website will return a polished essay.

Term Paper

One of the website’s expertise is making excellent research papers. However, there are instances when your instructors or professors follow a more traditional assignment like term papers. is here to help you, and we gladly take this type of work, to get some load off your back. Furthermore, we accept any field or course.

Reports and Reviews also accepts different reports and reviews for books and movies. It is also safe to note that book reports and book reviews are two different types of writing service. Book reports follow a different format where writers need to summarize different content of the books from plot, characters, and settings as well as your personal opinion regarding the novel. Meanwhile, book reviews deal with the analysis of the characters, themes, and etc. Lastly, movie reviews analyzes the different elements found in the movie such as the plot, climax, anti-climax, and more. This also includes the following elements of the film such as the production, effects, cinematography, story, direction, and other related themes. Needless to say, the website has a pool professional who have been in the business for a long time.

Case Study

This type of writing format has been widely popular among school assignments and paper work for different kinds of courses and field of study such as education, psychology, and economics. We, at are glad to help, because making case studies is also part of our other services. Furthermore, case studies have become accepted in graduate research papers such as thesis and dissertations. Moreover, case studies are complex forms of research with focus in in-depth analysis and study of different cases that may come from organizations, individuals, and families. Our website hired excellent writers and researchers for this specific kind of writing who holds either a Master’s or Ph.D.

Lab Reports

Some students are required to comply with laboratory reports in high school for different science related subjects. also offers this kind of services for students who want us to crate long and scholarly level documents.

Speeches and Presentations

If you want to take the load of stress you already have in your daily school life, are here to help you if you need speeches or presentations for a certain event or class. Our website employed oral communication specialists for this type of service, and they are experts in making speeches, powerpoint presentations, and other presentations needed as part of your requirement. If you want a dynamic and compelling speech, we also got that covered for you!

With the list of other services offer, all you have to do is tell us what to do and how long we can do it with your own deadline. The website offers all your needs for school as well as for professionals and businesses. We accept urgent writing services, while ensuring you will receive quality and commendable output. Lastly, guarantees our customers that our services are not plagiarized.

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