Money Back Guarantee

As a professional writing service dedicated to fulfilling our customers need and leaving them fully satisfied, we give them the right to appeal for reimbursement of their payment in the rare event that our service fail to meet their requirements.

We have a high satisfaction rate. We have gained loyal customers who return to us to order more products. In rare cases that things go wrong, you can review this Money Back Guarantee page for guidelines. However, here are certain events when the company can grant a customer a full refund.

1. If there is no writer assigned to do the order, yet. This is very unusual, but due to a high demand for writers, this sometimes happens. The refund will be 100%. The customer should not be worried if this happens, he/she will be immediately notified. The customer will have the option to get another writer to do the revision request, and if there is no one available at the time, the request will be reviewed by our dispute department. If it has been approved, the request for a refund will be processed.

2. If you decide to cancel your order after a writer has been confirmed, the refund will only be 70% of the payment made. This is to compensate for the effort made by the company and the writer in trying to provide you the services and product you ordered.

3. If you decide to cancel half-through the work and over the remaining deadline, only 50% of the amount will be refunded to you to cover the labor and effort of the writer and the company in trying to provide you with the services and product you ordered.

4. In the rare case of late delivery of the product. This only happens when the writer assigned happens to have an emergency or if the writer gets sick. The amount to be refunded will be discussed with the customer.

We guarantee on time delivery of all our products. Delay usually happens because the customer fails to upload some of the necessary materials to complete the order. When this happens, there will be no refund to be granted to the customer. This is the reason why it is important that all necessary materials to be used to get the work done must be sent all at once when placing the order.

5. If the order must be completed in 8 hours but came late, the order will automatically include the next earliest deadline category, which is 24 hours. The price is less than the rush job the customer paid for. The company will refund the difference. Keep in mind that for long-term orders, the refund will only be 7% of the payment made.

6. If the customer is not happy with the final product and would like a refund of the payment, the company will be conducting an investigation into the disputed claim. The amount to be refunded will be based on the result of the investigation.

7. If the customer placed additional orders by mistake, the company should be notified immediately. If the customer fails to notify us immediately to cancel the order before the writer has been assigned, it will be considered valid. The customer can still be canceled but the above condition will be applied.

8. If the customer received two invoices, it means he/she got billed twice. This should be reported to us immediately. To properly address the issue and process the full refund, the customer must send both receipts to us so we can cover the sum by blocking the sum for the next order or give a discount to cover it.

9. If the product received by the customer has been plagiarized, a Turnitin report is necessary. We will not accept reports other than this. The refund will be processed after we received and reviewed the report.

The customer does not qualify for any refund if:

1. If the customer received a grade lower than what is expected, the refund is not possible. This is because we do not guarantee that a customer will get a high grade based on the product ordered alone. The products we offer are not for submission, and only for academic reference.

2. If the product was delayed because the customer’s payment has been delayed, as well. We are not responsible for it. It is a failure on the customer’s end. Therefore, a request for refund cannot be granted.

Note: In the event of a delay on the deadline of revision, the price will be recalculated and the refunds do not apply because of the difference of the end dates.

Guarantee for Free Revision

We offer a free revision of the completed product if the customer asks for it because the product is below expectations, the first assigned writer can revise it for free or the customer can opt for a partial refund. However, the customer must present a valid evidence to back up the claim. Our team can review the dispute and the refund will be based on the appropriate decision made.

The customer must send us his/her own revised version and other information with 3 days or else, the claim will be considered invalid and no refund shall be processed.

Refund Process

Once the customer has received the confirmation of the refund, the company will process the refund within 5 days. Please be reminded that the company will not shoulder the fees of the Bank Transfer and will not be held liable for any Bank services delay.

Please note that the transaction of the refund may cost 10USD and more. If the amount of the transaction is smaller, the transaction cannot be processed. This is because it hardly covers both the customer and company’s bank. The amount will be credited back to the customer’s credit balance for orders in the future.

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