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RewardedEssay cannot take all the credit for the work that you pay for. The real jewels of our company are the writers. We do not just hire anybody. We hire people who are confident in what they do and can prove their mettle in this competitive industry.

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Choosing Who Writes for You

Our process is not that different from most essay writing sites. We adhere to a tertiary hiring process, wherein we, the company, find the writers ourselves and vet them before letting them work for us. To understand the process better, here are the steps we take:

  • Finding a Writer

We tap the best resources where writers can be found – the best universities in the country – by communicating with graduate school students and alumni, who want to work full-time as a writer for our company.

  • Vetting the Writer

Our possible online essay writers have to undergo a background check to see if they are who they say they are. We not only check their criminal records, but we also check to see if they have written anything inflammatory online. This ensures that the writer is indeed professional and is capable of handling the kind of work we require at Rewarded Essays.

  • Testing the Writer

After an initial exam, which they have to pass, our writers will undergo a probation period, which can last from 60-90 days – depending on their performance. Once they get through the probationary period, they will be hired as full-time writers and given a chance to work with us on a long term basis.

Working with Our Professional Essay Writers

RewardedEssays ensures that our writers are not only professional, but socially capable of building a rapport with our team and the client they will be working with.

The writer who will work with a client will be chosen based on the field of study they excel in. To give you an example, when a client wants a paper written for an economics class, we assign them to a writer who has a bachelor’s degree in Economics. If the client wants an advanced paper, such as a dissertation or thesis, we will assign them to a writer with a PhD. He or she will either have a PhD in Economics or any doctorate that requires an in-depth understanding of the subject – like MBA, Finance, and Business Administration doctorates or masters, to name a few.

Once the match has been made, we expect the client and writer to discuss the necessary criteria for the paper. All of the exchanges must be documented to ensure client and writer security, should a dispute occur. Communication ends once the project is complete and the client is satisfied. If not, the client may claim a refund based on our policies or continue to work with the writer to perfect the paper. Another option would be to replace the writer with someone else.

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