First place: Introducing My "Self"/ Using sociology perspectives and terms

Posted: November 10, 2017 To: Study

My self

Introducing myself is a solitary thing that I find so demanding not because I do not discern how to but because there are so many things that can be discussed. I am an enthusiastic lady aged twenty-two years. To get where I am was not by chance but through my efforts. Anything that crossed my mind called for hard work for me to prosper, develops the best skills, and be among the best and to prepare myself for the future. I am a Caucasian, an Irish, Italian and a German and with all these identities, I refer to myself as a blessed person.


My parents and siblings have played a significant role in my life to get me to where I am. I come from a family of three siblings and being the eldest gives me a lot of responsibilities as I have to be a role model to my siblings. My sociological imagination taught me how to taking care of my siblings which was among the things that I liked doing most. However, the efforts of my grandparents, aunts and uncles, many cousins and my friends contributed to whom I am today. I spent my four years in State taking my studies and sixteen years as a gymnastic. The institutions that I attended included a private Catholic high school where I learnt how to socialise with people, create a good reputation in every place went to and discovered about several courses available at the colleges. In high school, professionals in various fields such as engineering, medicine, economics, law, social sciences, mass communication and youth development were invited to give motivational speeches. The manifest function of the university was to produce students of high quality and those that would impact the most in the society which was the reason behind inviting professionals from various fields. After several talks with the professionals, I realised that I had an interest in youth development, an interest that led to my choice of a degree course in the Indiana University, the Institution that had the most impact in my life. At the beginning of our course study, so many students were enrolled in Indiana University to undertake the same course that I did but in the process some dropped out. Some of the reasons included lack of interest in the course, some performed poorly and were forced out of the school while others was due to engagement in other activities like work in a way that they could not balance the two. People referred to this inequality in the society as social Darwinism.

Group Membership

Institutions that I got involved in taught me a lot about group membership whereby moral teachings and incorporating with others was the main activity besides education. A group membership consisted of two dimensions; pride and respect which were meant to shape people's self-esteem and the way they conducted themselves in groups. Every individual was interested in knowing the kind of team they engaged in, the position the group was in and their position in those groups. Scientists and psychologists have proven that vanity and veneration are related to self-confidence and group's actions (Tischler,12). In college, one could notice that people grouped themselves according to their class, religion, interests and many other distinct groups. The group's association and assertiveness, self-esteem and deeds were essential things that one need to know to fit into a group. My social cohesion in a group was determined by myself interest in a group and the degree of bonding of members of that group.


Soccer was my favourite sport that I took part in, and with the help of my football coaches, I managed to make it my profession. I realised about this talent when I was in high school during school tournament where so many institutions were invited as a way of creating opportunities for students to socialise and help them discover their talents. However, gymnastics was my other interest where I spent sixteen years training to get the best body shape and toning my body like Michelle Lewin. She was an inspiration and I looked forward to gaining a body shape like hers.


I wanted to be a doctor like my dad, but with time I changed my mind reason being a doctor required too much schooling hence choose to do occupational therapy that I have already applied for a graduate school and now just waiting to hear back. It was my dream to get like six kids, but with the state of the economy and my occupation, I just want two to three children. I was raised in the catholic faith and so wanted to raise my kids in the same religion but due to my relationship with a Jewish man, we decided to incorporate both Catholic and Jewish faith in our children's lives. My dream was to live in Illinois for the rest of my life, but due to an avoidable circumstance, I want to live in a warm and a safe neighbourhood for my family.